Tour Essentials

It's one thing to pack for your home theater. It's a whole other ballpark when packing for tour. We were lucky this past spring to be able to pack our larger, hard, tour cases for all of our stops. We had 8 shows in 5 different cities. I'll be writing more on each of our stops at a later date.

In the meantime, there is definitely some overlap in certain items but check out the list below for some added goodies when on tour.

Multiple outfit choices (including hats)- Make sure you're ready for any kind of weather and any kind of event. A great raincoat goes a long way. Mine is from Aritzia. If it gets cold, I can always layer it over a sweatshirt or hoodie. Also, make sure to bring a nicer outfit for a donor dinner or reception that pops up last minute.

  • A notebook- My notebooks are mostly filled with choreographic notes and different kinds of class combinations and ideas for teaching. I can't wait to start putting my new Shinola notebook to use.
  • Snacks- V important! Now I understand why my mom always carried snacks in her bag when I was a kid. I love RX bars or Clif bars, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and candy.
  • Travel pillow- I once forgot my travel pillow at a hotel and had to call back to see if they could mail it to me back at work- it is that important to me. It's a straight up lifesaver on long bus rides, middle seats on the plane, and can even replace a bad hotel pillow. My parents bought me the Total Pillow for Christmas years ago, and it's still in great condition.
  • Updated iPhone for movies, music, and podcasts- I think this goes without saying. Right now, I'm listening to Sza, Childish Gambino, and the podcast Armchair Expert. Bring a good pair of headphones too!
  • A new/good book- One of my favorite things to do at any airport is stop by the bookstore. I'm a regular customer at Barbara's Bookstore at O'Hare airport. I love having an easy book to read when I'm traveling. Send your book recommendations over here!!
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