What is this all about?

I've been a professional dancer now for 6 years. Not too long, I know, but long enough to really feel some type of way about a lot of things regarding this career path.

I've read Dance Magazine, DanceSpirit, and Pointe Magazine since childhood. These are the publications that I would always, always, always refer to when it came to anything dance related. Auditions, health, inspiring stories, performances, new companies, people to watch, and even fashion. 

Now, I've never considered myself to be a fashionista or someone who follows all the trends. I like comfy clothes, good jeans, nice sneakers, a classic heeled boot, t-shirts and sweaters. I like basics and I also like unique items. I like old and new clothes. Really- I like it all, for the most part.

Over the course of my career, I've tested out many different items and brands to wear to class or rehearsal. Most of these brands I also love to sport outside of the studios. My problem is that I had to guess for years what kind of cotton content would work best for dance socks. Which jacket can I wear to rehearsal and out to the grocery store? What's the best bag to take with me on tour? The magazines mentioned above have tried copying dancer's styles but somehow they never seem to get it just right. They also have great articles about the lifestyle of professional dancers but they only skim the surface.

I'm trying to create a place, a go-to, for all things fashion and lifestyle specifically for dancers. Follow and learn with me as I interview, mention, and highlight friends, places to go, things to eat. I also hope to share in-depth articles and tutorials on the nitty-gritty of professional dance life. Union vs. non-union, grant writing, fundraising, company management, etc...

It's everything you didn't learn in school and everything I wish I knew already.